Welcome to Little Voices Whispering

Welcome to Little Voices Whispering, a new site focusing on my still life photography.

I first began shooting still life images in 2002 and as the years have passed, my love for them has grown. You can watch the natural progression of these images on this site as you visit gallery after gallery, a first hand view of how they have changed in feel and story along with the changes in my life.

Each still life is created within a small wooden box, each item meticulously selected and placed, each light placed just so. I do not do
ANY Photoshop manipulation to my images, each photograph that you see is exactly what was in the box. The only work done on the image is cropping and hand-painting. There will soon be a short documentary on how I shoot, as many people are curious to see how I work. You will be surprised at the simplicity of my handmade lighting system comprised of small flashlights and gobo’s.

Thank you for visiting, enjoy the site and feel free to ask questions, follow me on
Facebook, subscribe to this via RSS or just pop in now and again to see what new creations have come to life before my lens.